smartwater: a smarter way
Smartwater is all about promoting a smarter way of doing everything, from working out to starting a new business. Smartwater drinkers are always seeking the latest and most intelligent approaches to accomplishing their goals.
In collaboration with Conde Nast, Smartwater established a groundbreaking and innovative partnership that spanned across multiple Conde Nast brands, including Bon Appétit, CN Traveler, Wired, Self, and GQ. This unique collaboration provided our consumers with both utility and inspiration, empowering them to pursue tasks in a smarter and more efficient manner.
Editor Q&A on Instagram stories: Across Conde Nast brands, we launched editor Q&A's where viewers can ask questions and an actual editor will give them the smartest answers.
Crowd sourced influencer videos: based on the Smartwater pillars - success, innovation, travel and wellness - we created a four part video series that featured influencers giving smart tips deployed across Conde nast channels. 
Instagram stories: And created companion instagram stories for each influencer that give specific tips based on their specialty.

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