Family, whether connected by blood or otherwise, has the power to create a profound sense of home. Nowadays, people spend special moments like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and 4th of July with friends as much as they do with their families. In addition, they are forging new moments such as Friendsgiving, Game of Thrones viewing parties, or Taco Tuesday gatherings!
To leverage these trends and connect with our consumers, we collaborated with PopSugar and utilized their TrendRank tool to monitor social conversations. This allowed us to identify relevant "framily" (friends+family) gathering moments that resonate with today's culture. By doing so, we were able to pinpoint key moments that align with our brand and create personalized toolkits. These toolkits were designed to elevate the celebrations with fun activities, beautiful decor, and unique food tutorials, all in a manner that embodies the essence of Gold Peak. Through this partnership, we aimed to make these moments even more memorable and enjoyable for our consumers.
Summer peach party
Nashville Backyard BBQ
Personalization party
Backyard Camping

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