In 2019, Gold Peak centered its campaign around authenticity, celebrating real families and real meals in everyday life. To achieve this, Gold Peak teamed up with Tastemade for a first-of-its-kind Instagram Stories branded takeover. Through this collaboration, Tastemade and Gold Peak captured unfiltered portraits of everyday people in real time, showcasing their day-to-day lives. From a middle school principal to a self-made mommy blogger, these individuals took over Tastemade's Instagram stories, giving viewers a glimpse into their authentic experiences.
In addition to the Instagram takeover, Gold Peak added a new twist to Tastemade's traditional hands-on recipe videos. Instead of featuring professional chefs, Gold Peak highlighted their real families as they shared their comfort food recipes and explained how these dishes brought their loved ones together. What set these videos apart was that the families themselves did the cooking, embracing the mess and all. This approach emphasized the genuine and relatable nature of these moments, creating a strong connection with the audience and reinforcing the idea that real moments with real people are at the heart of Gold Peak's brand values.

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