Most brands enter the gaming space by creating an experience that is interesting to them. They put the brand first, not the gamers. This, not surprisingly, leads to most of the activations in the gaming space to flop.
Instead, Milk decided to create a game that gamers asked for, cementing our status as the Performance Drink of Gamers. Starting with Zany Ziplines on Fortnite, an ask from Fortnite game testers themselves, gamers can enter our portal and be transported to 3 new battle royale maps where floating platforms are connected just by ziplines.
We promoted our game on social and with a Snapchat AR gamified lens. 
And gamers loved it! 
But we don't want to stop at just Zany Ziplines. Milk is committed to making the games gamers want to play. We launched a new discord server where gamers can join in on game-related conversations, take part in competitions, and get early-access to our co-created games!

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