Knowing that 37.3M Americans have diabetes, but less than 1% get the treatment they need, Abbott set out to provide the most advanced and affordable continuous glucose monitoring system: FreeStyle Libre. 
Through a series of deeply emotional videos, we featured real patients across social, TV, and OLV. We told stories about food, misconceptions of diabetes, and how the FreeStyle Libre systems can make managing diabetes easier. 
The results? Abbott’s awareness, consideration, and sales all increased, social channels became the #2 sales driver for FreeStyle Libre systems (surpassing broadcast TV and traditional media) and FreeStyle Libre became the top prescribed CGM in the US.
Alysse Dalessandro: Fashion Influencer
Dex Geralds: Fitness Trainer
Austin James: Musician 
Ray Allan: NBA Hall of Fame and father to Walker with Type 1 Diabetes

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