#HoldMyMilk TikTok Challenge | got milk? ​​​​​​​
Ever need someone to hold your drink because what you’re about to do is just too awesome? That’s the #holdmymilk challenge in a nutshell: Pass your milk to a friend, then do something AMAZING. Because even if you can’t drink milk while you’re being amazing, you sure are gonna need it to get there.
29,453,050 Impressions  |  14.2 B views | +66% Social VCR 
- Ariel torres
- Cat osterman
- Hannah Roberts
- Maurio Mccoy 
- chris staples
- Laura biondo 
- Jessica Long
- James Hinchcliffe
- Brittany hertz
- Michaela kiersch
- roland pollard
- elle purrier 
- Spice adams
- Overtime cam
- overtime mitch
- Overtime larry 
- Brodie Smith

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