As much progress is being made across female sports, in the fight for a level playing field it often feels like an uphill battle. When coverage, viewership, sponsorships aren’t equal its hard to win. Women athletes make up 40% of all sports, but only featured in 4-5% of media coverage. 
Powerade supports women athletes and, kicking off with the Women's World Cup, gave female athletes a voice in the media to tell the world that power has no gender. Together with our partners The Players Tribune, Refinery29, and SB Nation, we featured women athletes across the media. 
The Player Tribune: Powerade gave women a voice and created co-branded custom articles from the players point of view on Power has No Gender. We even created our own section of the website where we aggregated articles that support our message. 
Refinery29: On social, we created posts for On Her Turf, a R29 owned channel whose goal is to support and celebrate women athletes as well as inspire a younger generation of athletes. We then created co-branded a written series "Power Diaries" on R29’s site celebrating female athletes.
SB Nation: POWERADE created digital “Power Cards” for the Women’s World Cup players. Power cards highlighted key attributes, stats, and facts of the most powerful players in the Women’s World Cup to help fans understand who the athletes are, what they mean to the sport, and why to watch them play.

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