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 Milk has been around for 3,000 years. Olympians have used it to fuel them since 776 B.C. — it's the OG sports drink. A drink with 13 essential nutrients that help fuel your performance. 
We started with the new Team Milk athletes — four Olympic hopefuls in the newest Olympic sports: Maurio McCoy - skateboarding | Cat Osterman - softball | Ariel Torres - karate | Hannah Roberts - BMX.
We introduced them across social media platforms (TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) with stills, GIFs, recipe & training videos and featured them on larger-than-life OOH.
During the Olympics, we partnered with Whistle Sports to showcase how milk can help fuel athletes to elevate their performance. Our host, comedian, and former pro football player Spice Adams, enlists teen prodigies to help him learn Olympic sports - with the help of milk, of course.
We filmed a total of 15 videos and released nine of them over the course of the two weeks, in response to the Olympic sport from the night before. This approach ensured each episode was culturally relevant and allowed us to insert ourselves into the conversation on social media.
We also wanted our teens to get involved and have fun interacting with the brand. We partnered with Snapchat to create two AR lenses that showed milk as a performance drink — the "Facelympics" game lens and a world lens that puts you right in the action of the newest Olympic sport, skateboarding.

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