Gold Peak: Feels Like Home 2018
Gold Peak is a tea that transports you back to the feeling of home, no matter what you consider home. Extending on the previous year's successful "Taste of Home" campaign, in 2018 Gold peak focuses on the modern evolution of what we call home. It's no longer just 4 walls, but the company you keep. Whether by blood or by choice, Gold Peak celebrates all types of framilies.
We created the first branded content facebook watch series for tastemade - a 5 part series that explores different types of framilies and how they have created the feeling of home no matter where they are. 
In addition to our series, we hosted a live "Friendsgiving" event at tastemade studios with June, our lead from the Super club episode, to not only show the evolution of modern traditions and families, but how you can celebrate with your own framily in your home.

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