Gold Peak: Taste of Home
Gold Peak is a tea that transports you back to the feeling and comfort of home. However, the above-the-line creative has been more focused on the product than the emotional connection of the brand. To address this, Gold Peak initiated a custom content program in collaboration with four media partners: Conde Nast, Whosay, Hello Society, and Tastemade. The aim of this partnership was to strengthen the brand's emotional connection with consumers by providing them with a taste of home through engaging and relatable content.
Conde Nast Partnership:  GQ, Bon Appetit, Conde Nast Traveler
Each publication had a custom branded video (long and short), social asset and article (digital and print) that highlighted different people who have embraced the feeling of home through different ways. 
Whosay: Dexter Fowler, Emily Henderson, Holly Robinson Pete
Each influencer was surprised by a friend or family member from their home town, who brought not only a literal "taste of home" with them, but the feeling of home by having their loved ones with them. 
Hello Society: Sarah hart, Tim Melideo
To connect on a real level, we partnered with micro influencers to also spread a feeling of home to their followers. 
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