Taste of Home 2017
Gold Peak is a tea that transports you back to the feeling and comfort of home, however, the above the line creative focuses more on product then the emotional connection of the brand. In this custom content program, Gold peak partnered with 4 media partners - Conde nast, whosay, hello society and Tastemade - to connect their consumers with a taste of home.  
Conde nast Partnership:  GQ, Bon Appetit, Conde nast traveler
Each publication had a  custom branded video (long and short), Social asset and article (digital and print) that highlighted different people who have embraced the feeling of home through different ways. 
Whosay: Dexter Fowler, Emily Henderson, Holly Robinson Pete
each influencer was surprised by a friend or family member from their home town, who brought not only a literal "taste of home" with them, but the feeling of home by having their loved ones with them. 
Hello Society: Sarah hart, Tim Melideo
To connect on a real level, we partnered with micro influencers to also spread a feeling of home to their followers. 
Across social media

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